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Bandalan Doce Pares

UTA United Taekwondo Association


Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Styles Offered

Cub's (Ages 3-5)
Classes for Pre School and Toddlers Classes have begun and New Students Welcomed!!! The cubs class is focused on teaching the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do. It will include the same curriculum required of the regular classes: kicks, punches, Poomse, and self-defense. There are some different approaches in relation to abduction prevention training. We think in terms of their size and what is effective in the real world. Our teaching aids are sometimes different from those used in our regular classes: bubbles, balloons, balls, etc. The main goal is to encourage the learning of the martial art while still being fun for the little ones.

Taekwondo Classes This Korean martial art is ideal for beginning and experienced students. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout while increasing flexibility and promoting muscle memory. The teaching of traditional Tae Kwon Do Poomse (a series of prearranged movements and techniques) and Self-defense is part of the basic curriculum. We also offer a Teens and Adult class see schedule for more details.

Hawaiian Kenpo Classes This style is terrific for Adults and Teens who enjoy an art that is both practical and effective in terms of self-defense. The basic curriculum consists of several series of techniques, application, and weapons training. This particular art is reserved for students over 15 years old. Exceptions can be made for Junior Black Belts of other martial arts.

Bandalan Doce Pares Eskrima Classes This indigenous and only traditional Filipino martial art has multiple names and areas of specialization. The particular Eskrima taught here is Bandalan Doce Pares. It combines several styles and is a mixture of beautiful twirling stick movements, effective striking sequences, and much more. This is excellent for beginning and experienced students of this and other martial arts. On Saturdays, we train for both WEKAF style tournaments and fighting without protective gear.

Cardio Self Defense
Cardio Self Defense Classes for Women Awareness training and self-defense techniques are taught in conjunction with a cardio routine. This class is terrific for Women who want to get in a good cardio work out as well as learn both practical and effective self-defense techniques.please contact us for more info.